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Traitor is a American spy thriller film, based on an idea by Steve Martin who is also an executive producer. It is written and directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff.
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Macintyre enjoys the trust of MI6… Mr. Gordievsky as a spy is a textbook study of intelligence reality; indeed, these pages alone are worth the price of the book… In terms of suspense, the flight through Russia is of thriller-quality. The book has a startling relevancy to the news of the day… Macintyre has produced a timely and insightful page-turner.

'Traitor' brick is hurled through window of family's home showing anti-Brexit posters

The action is punctuated with plenty of heart-stopping near-discoveries, betrayals, and escapes. Fascinating, especially now. Read An Excerpt. Paperback 2 —. Listen to a sample from The Spy and the Traitor. Also by Ben Macintyre.

Trump Suggests Whistle-blower Should Be Punished Like a Traitor

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  1. Vigil;
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  3. Shades of Evil: Psychotherapy and healing through the mind-body connection (Kennedy & Trentham Mystery Book 5).
  4. Bill Maher: Rudy Giuliani’s New Nickname Is “America’s Traitor”.
  5. Bill Maher: Rudy Giuliani’s New Nickname Is “America’s Traitor”.

These did not have to be traitors, simply those who imperilled the nation by frivolity, carelessness or a lack of patriotic commitment. Possessors of these qualities are called loyal and those who prefer their opposites are liars and traitors. It is mainly organized around names of informants, contacts, addresses, suspected traitors, etc.

In their interviews the porteurs are haunted by the charge that they were traitors. There certainly are indications that kangaroo courts against accused ' traitors ' continued. The whigs might have been opponents, but at least they were not traitors and renegades. Who are cast into dungeons, and treated and tried as traitors? The government claimed that you are traitors, but you are not. Late in the royalists faced that problem and in a decision with wide implications conceded that they would not treat their prisoners as traitors.

According to the final commandment, anyone who did not agree with all the preceding commandments should automatically be regarded as a traitor.

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Harkis have been tormented by the thought of being traitors. He declared that he had ' not done any unsoldierly and base act ', but he met a dishonourable civilian death as a traitor. Translations of traitor in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator?

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  • ‘Traitor’ brick is hurled through window of family’s home showing anti-Brexit posters;
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