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Mentioned in Snow Crash. As part of his sales pitch, a Mafia recruiter points out that the Yakuza is often called the Japanese Mafia, but the Mafia is never called the Italian Yakuza. Their control of Japanese construction made them, effectively, the most powerful people in Japan. They even show up as tourists on the Time Terminal, occasionally.

Japanese Yakuza appear in military thriller Victoria. Though they do not play a major role in the story, protagonist John Rumford interacts with them during his mission to Imperial Japan, and they assist him with his "demonstration" viz. The main representative he deals with displays most of the associated stereotypes.

The characters are an oyabun boss , his two subordinates who have a Senpai Kohai senior-junior relationship, and the oyabun 's mistress. Live-Action TV. The Daily Show interviewed Jake Adelstein he was also interviewed by 60 Minutes , a reporter who wrote a book about a particular Yakuza boss who was able to secure a visa to get into the US and receive a liver transplant, and then got livers for some of his friends.

An episode of CSI: Miami revolves around the Yakuza, but for some reason insists on never using the word and instead referring to them as "Sakiru. The Leverage team inadvertently ends up having to con the Yakuza when they try to shut down a sweatshop in "The Runway Job. Darien's first run-in with them results in one of the Yakuza cutting off his own finger as punishment for failure.

The Yakuza lost, however. The Body of the Week on one episode of Quincy, M. Said detective was stabbed in the heart with a tanto a dagger shaped like a miniature katana. Basically, he performed an improvised Yubitsume on a bad karaoke singer and swallowed it whole , therefore he chokes on it Hawaii Five-0 : The Yakuza control many of the corrupt cops the team runs into, as well as the corrupt governor, and blew up the car Steve's Mother "died" in.

Adam, Kono's love interest, is the son of a Yakuza leader and was targeted when he tried to clean up his family's business and killed his brother who was trying to kill Kono. Daredevil has Nobu, a Japanese crime boss as part of Wilson Fisk 's empire. In season two they show up again when Elektra has Murdock investigate the dealing her father's company is involved in.

They end up finding that the organization is not the Yakuza but in reality the Marvel Cinematic Universe 's version of the Hand, a Ninja clan.

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Iron Fist and The Defenders reveal that there are more factions to the Hand other than the Japanese one. Oshin has examples of both noble Yakuza and corrupt Yakuza: Oshin's friend and Hopeless Suitor Ken is portrayed as quite the noble Yakuza who helps out the main protagonist when she tries to establish herself in Tokyo.

When Oshin and her best friend Kayo work in an eatery and begin selling sake in it, the local Yakuza feel threatened and try to kick them out. Thanks to her deals with Ken, however, Oshin manages to win them over to her cause. The MacGyver episode "Log Jam" involves MacGyver going undercover in a logging company in the Pacific Northwest, whose owners are being forced by Yakuza gangsters to illegally log protected forest land so they can sell the logs for outrageous profit back in Japan.

In an episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles , the Connors came up against a group of fake Yakuza as part of a complex attempt to con them out of a large sum of money. The "yakuza" quickly admitted to being fake as soon as they discovered what the Connors were willing and able to do to get their money back. Even the feared Japanese military police don't usually cross them, since they have connections in high places.

Japan's Yakuza: Inside the syndicate - The Economist

On Schitt's Creek one of Alexis's wild adventures apparently involved the Yakuza. When Ted remarks that she can't go for a run in her high hells, she replies: "Tell that to me at 21 escaping the Yakuza! Actually, he once found a severed finger wrapped in paper on his desk ; after discovering that it had belonged to his best friend, he decided to leave. The Yakuza has deep ties to all of the Japanese music industry independent of genre, style, band size, or notoriety.

Tanaka and the Yakuza's Daughter

Visual Kei in particular is infested with Yakuza. There are rumors that Japanese hardcore punk band Gism have Yakuza ties and will go after producers of bootleg records and merchandise. Similar rumors exist about Dir en grey. At least one craft guitar and guitar gear maker, which shall not be named because no one wants to be whacked, but whose clients included a Loudness guitarist, a Loudness and X Japan bassist, and a Nightmare bassist, is operated by a blatant Yakuza member.

Lady Tanaka

Though always officially denied, New Age musician Kitaro is rumoured to have connections to the Yakuza, with his fame at least partially being due to their influence. These rumours are, in no small part, due to his first wife being the daughter of a former leader of one of the more influential clans. Youngblood , by 5 Seconds of Summer , has the visual style for the music video Tattoos, bikes, leather jackets, "gangster" theme, etc. Much like the movie it was based on, Johnny Mnemonic has these. They also have their own mode, aptly titled "Yakuza Strike".

Professional Wrestling. However the faction was short-lived because Tajiri said that the real Yakuza might start becoming insulted by the portrayal and enact legitimate retribution. Tabletop Games. Unsurprisingly , due to the great degree with which the game was influenced by William Gibson , Shadowrun includes plenty of Yakuza in varying capacities. The fact that the default setting for the game is the West Coast of the former U. Mitsuhama Computer Technologies is a Mega-Corp that started out as a Yakuza money laundering operation but long ago surpassed them.

Since BattleTech 's Draconis Combine is basically a collection of Japan tropes Recycled In Space , the yakuza are quite naturally alive and well there as well. Several protagonist and important supporting characters are either members themselves or at least maintain connections, and nobody less than Theodore Kurita himself sponsored the creation of several yakuza BattleMech units to help bolster the ranks during his reforms of the Combine's military.

They're generally portrayed as being much more honorable and loyal to the Combine than the Warlords who command much of the regular military, and even help protect Theodore from several attempts to overthrow him. Inside the Little Tokyo neighborhood, though, they're not to be crossed.

Video Games. In the original Japanese versions, the Piantas in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door were modeled after Yakuza, but in the localization they were switched to the more recognizable in the Western world anyway mafia stereotype. Red Steel basically revolves around a Civil War within the least evil Yakuza clan.

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The Yakuza shows up from time in various Mafia Wars missions. In Fallout 2 roving bands of Yakuza can be found around New Reno and will attack the player if provoked.

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  • However, they don't appear to closely follow Bushido and will occasionally flee from combat and state it's better to be "a live coward than a dead hero". The Ronin in Saints Row 2 are a Japanese street gang albeit ones who recruit locally who, despite acting more like samurai-themed street thugs with a taste for fast motorbikes, are backed by an actual Yakuza clan from Japan.

    Pay it Backward–The Yakuza () | Projector

    Johnny Gat even goes so far as to refer to the head of the organization as "the Oyabun". MapleStory oddly enough, features bad guys resembling the Yakuza in Zipangu, a Japan themed world. In the original version they were pretty dark, using guns, katanas, and nunchakus to hurt you. The American version replaced those with squeaky hammers and cat mittens. The Gokudou-kai in Police In Rainbow Six : Take-Down Missions in Korea , a Yakuza gang are orchestrating a series of seemingly unrelated terrorist attacks to cover the expansion of their activities into South Korea.

    Fun fact : the word "yaki" means "many yakuza" in Japanese. Yakuza feature prominently in Soldier of Fortune.

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    They provide goods and shelter for civilians, but in exchange they are rarely ever not armed. They also run a human trafficking operation based in a secret facility, drawing their neurotransmitters out by force to use as demon food, and raising children in said facility in order to keep up with demand.

    Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army has Satake and the Kantou haguro-gumi, but they're good guys. A bit quick to agitate, but good. Persona 3 has the Kirijo Group, complete with a company-owned High School that doubled as a Shadow research facility , a presumably company-owned hospital capable of holding its patients hostage without raising eyebrows, and access to military-grade weaponry, is either this or a very corrupt and powerful local corporation And in Japan, there's usually very little to separate the former from the latter.

    There's also officer Kurosawa's "connections" Which appear to have no problem giving a police officer access to lethal weaponry to sell off-the-counter to schoolchildren. It's vaguely implied that his 'connections' are Kirijo pulling strings, too. Persona 5 features the Yakuza pretty heavily. The third main target is powerful oyabun Junya Kaneshiro, a greedy sociopath who gleefully blackmails and exploits teenagers, and Corrupt Politician Masayoshi Shido has extensive Yakuza connections, as revealed in his Palace.

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    There's also ex-Yakuza Munehisa Iwai, who's both the Hanged Man Arcana Confidant and the team's primary supplier of weapons and armor; despite the gruffness and general shadiness, he's a good man at heart. In Robopon , there's Riggs Construction Company. Rinse and repeat. In the Halloween comic for Team Fortress 2 , Merasmus the magician made deals with the yakuza in order to gain funds for his Carnival of Carnage.

    He's already lost one finger , though, and thus is very desperate to get his carnival up and running so he can pay them back as soon as possible. Sorimachi's death is what pushed the already unstable Yamazaki fully into Ax-Crazy mode. The James Bond video game NightFire features Yakuza as hired henchmen of Raphael Drake , though it does raise the question on how Drake, a Westerner, was able to gain their loyalty.

    Yakuza appear as the main mooks in the level Double Cross and the first mooks faced in Phoenix Fire. Lo Wang deals with Yakuza quite a bit in the Shadow Warrior series. In the first game a reboot of the original , they are his primary opponents in the first part of the game before the demons show up, and later show up in Zilla's headquarters having been granted power in the same fashion as Zilla himself and sport glowing eyes.

    In Shadow Warrior 2 , they rule the villages and other areas that are not run by Zilla or overrun by demons, and Lo Wang clashes swords with them on more than a few occasions. In Overwatch , Hanzo and Genji Shimada were the heirs to a criminal empire as well as being trained ninjas. Hanzo was the elder and the heir apparent while Genji was the younger brother who disassociated with his family's criminal activities, which led to the clan forcing Hanzo to assassinate his brother.