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In-House Counsel Pro Bono: Challenges, Best Practices, and Opportunities for Engagement 1-Hour Program available to attorneys, paralegals and staff working in nonprofit and legal services organizations; pro bono volunteers ( providing.
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But a survey conducted by the American Bar Association Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service found that, in , across firms and businesses of all sizes, lawyers in private practice contributed roughly 3. The formalization of pro bono programs by large law firms has been underway on a significant scale for far longer than at corporations.

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Unless there is some undiscovered and immutable feature of corporations that would prevent a transformation on that scale, the trajectory of pro bono efforts in that setting should continue to increase substantially. Law firms and corporations often rely on legal-services organizations to make their pro bono efforts possible.

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Legal-aid programs extend access to clients, offer guidance on the types of pro bono work needed, and provide substantive expertise, supervision, and training to ensure effective service. This issue can most effectively be addressed by leadership of a company. If pro bono work is not a priority for a general counsel or chief legal officer, it can be difficult for an in-house lawyer to feel free to engage in or maintain a commitment to pro bono work, which can prevent a legal-aid program from developing a partnership with that company.

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But the opposite is also true: leadership can cultivate a culture of pro bono commitment that is broad in scope and impact. Almost without exception, corporate pro bono efforts come with other resources that strengthen or add capacity to the business functions of a legal-aid program. Examples include providing nonprofit clients with assistance in governance and management, in-kind specialized contributions in real estate matters or cybersecurity issues, as well as traditional financial support.

These attorneys would learn the critical legal issues facing nonprofit social-service agencies in those counties and find lawyers with requisite expertise inside the participating corporations to provide pro bono services to address them. The issues covered a wide range of key operating problems for nonprofits: employment and human resources, taxes, corporate law, governance, nonprofit mergers and consolidations, contracts and leases, and more.

How to Find the Right Pro Bono Project for In House Counsel?

These pro bono legal services addressed prominent day-to-day problems of the agencies and saved substantial expenditures that could instead be used for the community. No need to file a pro bono authorization with the ARDC, and no need to perform your pro bono services through a sponsoring entity.

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Why should retired, inactive, out-of-state, and house counsel do pro bono? The need for pro bono legal assistance is staggering. An estimated 1.

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Yet nationwide there is only one legal aid attorney for every 6, low income residents. Retired, inactive, out-of-state, and in-house corporate attorneys can play a critical role in closing this justice gap.

In-House Counsel Pro Bono: Challenges, Best Practices, and Opportunities for Engagement

Pro bono attorneys can help protect survivors of domestic violence from their abusers; keep tenants from being illegally evicted from their housing; and can empower seniors by drafting advance directives and other planning documents. Retired, inactive, out-of-state, and corporate attorneys are a hugely valuable resource for the legal aid organizations and other agencies serving clients who cannot afford an attorney. Retired and inactive attorneys, in particular, bring a wealth of practice experience, valuable insight into the private bar and judiciary, and a different perspective on the legal issues legal aid attorneys see day in and day out.

Many of the organizations serving low income clients offer training and CLE credit to k and pro bono attorneys.

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Pro bono work is a rewarding way to keep up your legal skills while you take a break from or step away from the rigors of a daily practice. Yet retired, inactive, out-of-state, and corporate attorneys are woefully underutilized.

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But only 26 of these attorneys were k pro bono authorized. The 1. In this case, a trial judge incorrectly refused to issue a restraining order against an estranged spouse who, while in another state, used the Internet to commit acts of abuse against his wife. In the first-ever decision of its kind, the Court of Appeal ruled that if an out-of-state person commits an act of domestic abuse via social media or electronic communications against someone who is in California, California courts do have jurisdiction over the abusive out-of-state party and can therefore issue a restraining order against them.

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Centro Legal de la Raza is an organization that provides legal representation, education and advocacy to protect and advance the rights of immigrant, low-income and Latino communities. The organization also has a Youth Law Academy and a Diversity Legal Pipeline program, which provide guidance and mentorship the next generation of attorneys and judges of color. Corporate Responsibility. Clorox pro bono program , pro bono. Why Clorox does pro bono Adam Brink. Mina Nasseri. Melissa Hung.