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Events in the year in the Republic of India. Contents. 1.
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The system could read and write up to a trillion bits of information—the first such system in the world. The used thin strips of film on which were written data created by an electron beam and a wet photographic development process. The system used sophisticated error correction and a pneumatic robot to move the film strips to and from a storage unit. Only five were built. Initially a drawing program, LOGO controlled the actions of a mechanical "turtle," which traced its path with pen on paper.

Also, we arrived in winter and found it hard to breath the cold air. I had to teach myself how to inhale short breaths to be able to take in the cold! Coming to Canada was the best thing that could have happened to me. Thank You Canada! My parents died in Penticton, BC in February within three days of each other. Fate had brought them together at the right time and in the right country. I owe a great debt to both of them and to Canada. My mother assured him that we only had personal belongings and oil and cheese, he marked the trunks with a check mark and away we went on the train.

When we passed customs and boarded the train they gave us two loafs of bread. Not knowing what it was I used it to play accordion as it was soft and flexible.. I look back on how Canada has changed me and my values. I think the hardest part of emigrating was changing the way I believed things should be done. I was brought up to understand that the British knew how to do things correctly. It was during the Hungarian Revolution, and the fled with the clothes on their backs. They built a family here with many happy times.

Refugees from the S.

Detroit Riot of 1967

I felt like a small grain of sand washed up on the shores, with many thousands of others. Many had stories, similar to mine, coming for refuge and with high hopes, to Canada. Fortunately, my story has a happy ending. I fell as though some greater power must have been leading my unpredictable steps to the right places through the years. I am grateful to Canada for giving me the life I now enjoy.

It was all done within the course of a flight and the 30 minutes in the airport. That was it. And that was me, at that point, a permanent resident of Canada and it was like: wow! This is, this is it!

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So, no, there was nothing to hold me back. Unidentified evacuee children on board the S. Bayano, August Doppenberg family on board the M. Ryndam, From the seven people that arrived on Pier 21 on May 15th, , we are now 57 proud Canadians. Thank You Canada!!! We had our first corn flakes and potatoes with the skin on my mother always peeled the potatoes. Bacon and eggs, Canadian style, went down very well. My mother insisted we eat all the food, to show our appreciation.

Italian immigrants on board the T. Nea Hellas, spring In , over sixty years ago, Canadian representatives of the Immigration and Employment Department came to Malta to select young tradesmen to immigrate to Canada. I, Lewis Borg, was one of the select to immigrate. Our agreed time to work and save as a family was up. I began saving for my wedding. The Netherlands is our country of birth and always will be our homeland but now we are Canadian.

We will be forever grateful to the staff and all who were, and are now, associated with Pier Greek Hellenic youth, Image courtesy of the Delefes family. Zoratti family on board the S. Homeland, June Children bound for Fairbridge Farm School, What I remember most about the trip is the dolphins following the ship, there was so many of them. One day I was on deck looking over the side when one the ship crew who was on the bow called over to me. The area was roped off, but he said it was ok to come and see.

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You could see all the dolphins missing the bow by inches, maybe leading our ship not following us to the new land, I wondered what was waiting for us on the other side. I believe that Canada has given us the opportunity to become something meaningful of ourselves and contribute to the success of the community and to the Great country of Canada. The year was as the ship pulled away from the docks of Naples. Leaving family, friends and possessions; Vincenzo Armenti said goodbye to his homeland. He also left behind memories of unemployment and destitution in a country still suffering from a devastating war.

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He set out for Canada in hopes of finding prosperity with a chance to work and earn money so his family could have a better life other than the certain poverty they faced in Italy. We have had a wonderful life in this country.

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My brothers and sisters join me in saying, Thank you Canada - definitely the land of opportunity! The situation was dire and they could not turn back to look for her. All they could do was cry and pray that a kind family would help her. Two weeks later, a man who was asking them to share their meagre food told them of a young girl in the yard with newspaper wrapped around her shoes.

Needless to say, all were joyful to share supper that night…and many since. Pier 21 airing gallery. Origins unknown. Eventually the Customs and Immigration people were done processing us and we were free to leave the area. I never learned which of the original 13 colonies they were baptized by. It was very different coming here in the way you got treated. I remember just being totally shocked by how welcoming and open people were.

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  7. At that time we had 3 choices for immigration: Australia, South Africa and Canada. We decided on Canada because it was closer and a return trip to Germany would have been less expensive. It also seemed more interesting than the other two countries. Fannie, my cat, my mom, my dad, my jewellery, my plushies, my Harry Potter things. I was also highly amazed at the way Corn Flakes was packed and served in individual cut-open boxes. Finally I was diagnosed as having measles and released from quarantine and "landed" on Apr 5, A long train trip brought us to Ajax to what seemed to be a POW camp with barbed wire around it.

    From there we were directed to our destinations, my mother and I to Orillia in Ontario. Thus, my arrival to Canada, never to be regretted. As soon as we landed at Toronto airport, that was amazing the peace and the comfort, I had in my heart, in my body, I cannot explain, I was just standing outside the airport and I was just shivering, like oh my God, so finally we are in Canada. In we bought our first house in West Vancouver. I moved to Canada when I was 16 It was hard at first, but people here are nice. I am now Canadian citizen. My father and his friends built our first house in If Pier 21 could talk it could tell many stories.

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    I am indeed glad that now that the docks are often lined with cruise boats rather than immigrant ships. Our country recognizes the important role in history that it played over many decades. Certainly Pier 21 is an important marker in my life's journey.